About us

Natural Technology Aromastar is a company focused in the industrial fragrance area.

One of our very big challenges as a company was to be able to neutralize as much as possible the smell of cannabis. That is how The Neutralizer was born, as an evaporation system, easy and simple to install in any room or inside space, that evaporates our secret essential oils combination and neutralizes the strong smell of cannabis in all its stages (cultivation, harvest, drying, curing, smoking) without affecting health or its taste..

When we first launched our product, we took on a challenge and we created a 200sqm tent in CannaFest Praga 2012, where many people were allowed to smoke cannabis inside. That is how we were able to prove the efficacy of our product and it was our big presentation to the Grow World. No one before had been able to do that, and certainly, no one has done it so far. That is how The Neutralizer Kit won the 2nd award for the newest product. Next year, in 2013, The Neutralizer kit was awarded as Best Product in the very well known GrowMed Valencia.

Recently, in 2018 and 2019, we presented our products to Spannabis, Barcelona. The Neutralizer Kit was awarded as 1st Best Product in Paraphernalia and so was The Neutralizer Road kit in 2019. However, our biggest driver and the recognition that we value the most, is the one of our customers. Thank you for trusting us and we hope that you enjoy our products. We will continue to work hard to deliver the best service and to ensure that your spaces are cannabis odour free.

The Neutralizer Team