• Place the assembled Neutralizer Unit1 as low as possible, preferably on the floor.

• Essential oils2 contain active ingredients, and whilst natural these can be corrosive to certain material types. As such, we recommend the unit is placed on a coaster or in a shallow dish, so that if there is any accidental spillage or residue from condensation your furniture or floor are protected.

• As vapour disperses, you may see some liquid residue around the base of the unit1 (this is normal). This may occur due to rapid condensation (like steam from a kettle), and if it does, we suggest you wipe the unit and affected surface area immediately. Now place your Neutralizer on a coaster or in a shallow dish.

• Do not place near or under anything that can obstruct the evaporation hole (50cm diameter minimum) on the Electronic Molecule Evaporator (EME)1. Hot vapour can cause damage to certain materials such as, but not limited to; monitors, TV screens, plastics, wood laminate, paint, fabrics, etc.

• Ensure a good airflow around the assembled Neutralizer Unit1 and avoid confined spaces.

• Positioning, ventilation, airflow and correct use of the system will determine neutralizing efficiency and ensure full life span of the cartridge (BETWEEN 4 – 6 WEEKS for the TNRC-100 & TNRC-40, and BETWEEN 80 – 92 HOURS for the RKC-20).

1). Applicable for TNK-120 (The Neutralizer Professional Kit) and TNCK-220 (The Neutralizer Compact Kit)

2). Applicable for all Essential Oils bought with any The Neutralizer product.